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Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer @ Microsoft

Chris Ayers is a seasoned professional navigating the dynamic landscape of technology as a Senior Customer Engineer on Microsoft's Fast Track for Azure team. With a focus on modern applications, DevOps, and cloud technologies, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table. He co-leads the DevOps Category within the Fast Track Team, driving initiatives forward with expertise honed from past roles leading Azure and DevOps practices.

Chris's extensive background spans various technical domains, including software development, architecture, and cloud solutions. From his early days tinkering with code in 2nd grade to assuming roles as a Consultant, Cloud Architect, and beyond, he has always been driven by a passion for learning and sharing industry best practices.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris is a devoted father and an unabashed nerd. Whether he's speaking at international events, delving into the latest technology trends, or immersing himself in gaming adventures, his enthusiasm for exploration knows no bounds.

Connect with Chris through his website, blog, and social media channels to follow his journey and tap into his insights on technology, agile practices, and more.

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