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Alex Morrise

Head of Graph AI and Data Science

Alexander Morrise, PhD (Head of Data Science, Graphistry), is a leader in machine learning at the interface of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and graph neural networks. Alex heads the development of Graphistry[AI], a popular open source graph autoML GPU toolkit that helps convert any data source like CSVs, Databricks, SQL, logs, and graph databases into powerful graph AI visualizations and models. His team works with clients ranging from cybersecurity, fraud & misinformation to patient & user journeys to the world's largest supply chains. Recently he has built, a GenAI data science analyst that lets you talk to your data and do complex analysis. At past startups, he’s built AI systems in fields ranging from news, music, and entertainment (recommender systems) to chip design, process management and quantified self systems for both private and federal customers. Projects include developing AI-powered products for Beats Music (acquired by Apple), Quid (acquired by NetBase), Boomtrain (acquired by ZetaGlobal), Idle Games (acquired by GSN), architecting a privacy-preserving AI that extracts contexts and helps team work at, and co-founding, a modern hotel experience for adventurers seeking community. Before AI startups, Dr. Morrise was an Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics at USC, Spain, working on topics in Quantum Gravity, Early Universe Cosmology, Particle Phenomenology and String Theory.

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