Room 4 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Stories from NC3 - investigating hackers

What do you do when your forensics tools don't give you the data you need? Enter code written to run on command to extract the data you need.

Experience report

Åge and Sindre talk about their experience working in the national police investigating hackers.

Sindre Breda

Police officer turned computer forensic investigator, turned analyst/developer. Sindre started his career as a street cop that quickly switched to computer forensics/mobile forensics with key focus on online child abuse.
From 2018 he worked at the Norwegian "National Criminal Investigation Service", more commonly known as Kripos.
At Kripos he worked with analyzing data that the commercial forensic toolkits did not parse/present, most actively in the investigations of the ransomware attack against Norsk Hydro in 2019. Currently working as a security analyst at Defendable.

Åge Strand

Senior Engineer/programmer working for the NCIS providing technical support for investigators in serious criminal cases. Creates tools and techniques for acquiring, transforming and presenting data from accounts and services. Started out in the 80's with a Commodore, did VR and telecom in the 90's, worked in the dotcom bubble in the 00's, ended up at NCIS in the 10's. Programming, networking, storage, databases or sysadm? Yes.