Room 3 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Security as Code: A DevSecOps Approach

Security as Code (SaC) is the methodology of codifying security tests, scans, and policies. Security is implemented directly into the CI/CD pipeline to automatically and continuously detect security vulnerabilities.

Application Security
Security Tooling

Adopting SaC tightly couples application development with security and vulnerability management, while simultaneously enabling developers to focus on core features and functionality. More importantly, it improves the collaboration between Development and Security teams and helps nurture a culture of security across the organization.

In this session, we will review lessons learned from DevOps to implement a successful DevSecOps culture, in particular how we can make developers contribute security checks with the SaC approach. We will introduce CodeQL, a language that allows us to implement security checks with code, and will demo how we can code queries for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations so they can be identified as soon as they hit your CI/CD pipeline.

Joseph Katsioloudes

Joseph empowers developers to ship secure software through his research and education work. His recent contributions include video content with 700K+ views offering practical security tips. He is the creator of the "Secure Code Game" for software developers who want to build a security skillset. As a speaker, he captivates audiences with his insights and dynamic presentation style.