Room 3 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Prompt Injection: When Hackers Befriend Your AI

This is a technical presentation where we'll look at attacks on implementations of Large Language Models (LLMs) used for chatbots, sentiment analysis, and similar applications. Serious prompt injection vulnerabilities can be used by adversaries to completely weaponize your AI against your users.

Machine Learning
Application Security

We will look at how so-called "prompt injection" attacks occur, why they work, different variations like direct and indirect injections, and then see if we can find good solutions on how to mitigate those risks. We'll also learn how LLMs are "jailbroken" to ignore their alignment and produce dangerous content.

LLMs are not brand new, but we know that their use will increase drastically in the next few years, and therefore it is important to take security seriously by considering the risks involved before using AI for sensitive operations.

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