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17:40 - 18:40 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Opening the Playbook: What to Do When You've Been Hacked

If your company collects data of any kind, it's guaranteed that there is someone out there who will find it valuable enough to attempt to hack.

One day in 2012, that exact thing happened at Evernote, resulting in 50Million users being compromised overnight.

Hear what happened, what we did, and what to do from someone who has direct experience with breach recovery and cleanup.

Heather Wilde

Heather Wilde is CTO of theDifference and is also known as the Unicorn Whisperer because of her special focus on entrepreneurs. She is a professional growth expert, executive coach, best-selling author, and speaker. One of the founding team of Evernote, and co-founder of TWIP, she has won multiple awards for her writing, technology, coaching, and mentorship, including the 2020 International Impact Award for her latest book, "Birth of a Unicorn".

Both a patent inventor and game designer, she is trailblazing the way for other women to do the same.
She has appeared on Huffpost Live and ABC News, and has appeared in Mashable, BBC News, Huffington Post, and in the Wall Street Journal as well as many other industry publications. Her clients cover North America, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East and she offers training internationally on tech topics such as Cybersecurity, Anticipatory Design, and the Dangers of Overwork.

Wilde's popular Inc and Forbes columns span social media, entrepreneurialism, startups, leadership, fundraising, and diversity issues. She lives in Las Vegas.