Room 2 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Microsoft Security Copilot - your new best friend!

Microsoft Security Copilot leverages with the full power of Generative AI with specially trained models focused on Security Operations within a Microsoft Security environment.

Cloud Security
Machine Learning
Dark Arts
Security Tooling

Attend this session to go on a deep dive for Microsoft Security Copilot. Learn how it can assist security operations teams to prioritise workloads, facilitate incident response and remediation, understand how it can assist on understanding best practice to manage environments in ways to reduce the likelihood of repeat successful attacks.

George Coldham

George Coldham is a Cloud Security Architect - Cyber Security @ Microsoft ANZ. Curious, courageous and kind he is excited to look at the intersection of technology with humanity exploring those things that make us happy or sad, excited or hopeful.

A lifelong educator he spends his days sharing his knowledge of Microsoft Security with his customers, helping create safe and secure organisations. He mentors formally and informally helping young and disadvantaged people grow into happy and successful professionals. George speaks at industry events such as conferences and meetups, as well as in schools as sharing freely the knowledge his accumulated in his career.

George loves food, travel and music. His ideal holiday is either exploring somewhere remote, or a place with lots of yummy food to taste, live music, delicious drinks and good friends to enjoy it with.