Room 2 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Is this okay!? How to review code for security issues.

You've got some code from a team member to review. You already know that security is important, but do you know how to review their code for security issues?

Application Security

In this session, Rouan will equip you to find common security issues before they're shipped to production. He’ll cover eight questions you should ask yourself whenever you’re reviewing code. We’ll look at an example pull request together and spot some big security issues that could easily have gone unnoticed.

Rouan Wilsenach

Rouan is a software engineer and technical leader, who helps build outstanding teams and high-quality software. He's worked in a variety of technology stacks for companies in the financial services, education, leisure and energy sectors. He’s worked as a consultant and in product teams, helping teams learn good engineering practices and helping businesses transform the way they build software. He cares about keeping things simple, building inclusive teams, and sharing what he learns.